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Resolve Your Copywriting Challenges With Essay Rewriter

Copywriting requires originality and integrity. That’s why Essay Rewriter is a necessary tool for copywriters. 

Copywriting requires the writer to commit to originality and come up with unique content—day in and day out. This challenging requirement isn’t only a headache for writers; it’s also one of the reasons they begin to lose content integrity.

That’s why writing good content is one of the leading challenges that any copywriter faces today. Because they need to stand out with exclusivity and write something that captivates the audience. That’s when some duplicity or plagiarism sneaks its way into the content. 

However, using specific tools, such as Essay Rewriter, can help overcome these challenges. How exactly is that? A program made to rewrite content in a better way is bound to help somehow and yield better results. Let’s dig deeper and understand how. 

Common Copywriting Challenges

Writing creative and crisp copy is one of the necessary requirements of copywriters around the globe. While it’s also their ideal scenario to compose attractive copies, it’s not always the case. This is mainly because writers run out of words, accidentally commit plagiarism, or write redundancy.

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All these common mistakes are avoidable in a copywriter’s life but are still an everyday problem. One of the major problems that copywriters face today is writing content that stands out. Alternatively, something that doesn’t sound monotonous with a thousand other brands in the same niche. 

For instance, here are the main challenges copywriters face in 2022:

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the significant problems of copywriting. Intentional or not, it has the same implications and can cause significant problems for the brand for which a copy is written. 

  • Redundancy or Fluff Words

Using unnecessary words to fill a specific word count is another problem. That’s why copywriters should be allowed to go with the flow instead of being given word counts to follow.

  • Lackluster Sentences

Lackluster sentences result from uninspired writing and can cause problems in the long run. It’s also a product of following strict word counts.

  • Lack of Flow

Content that doesn’t flow better doesn’t sell better. This is one of the most significant challenges of copywriting today, as it needs to be short, crisp, informative, and brief. 

5 Ways Essay Rewriter Helps

All the problems yet only one solution: a tool that assists in overcoming all these challenges. Granted, a tool doesn’t guarantee success, but you need to treat it as an extension of your arm—not a third arm doing your work for you.

Tools like Essay Rewriter, Grammarly, or other programs are meant to assist you in writing. The keyword here is ‘assist,’ as you will still have to do most of the work. Yet, Essay Rewriter can help you overcome your copywriting challenges by giving you a push in the right direction. Here’s how:

1. Removes Redundancy 

Redundancy is when unnecessary or overflow of words are used to convey an idea. It usually happens when writers look at the word count rather than the content’s flow. That’s one of the reasons behind lousy website copy, and it can be avoided.

By using Essay Rewriter, here’s how redundant content flows better:

Essay Rewriting Tool

You can notice the original content’s uninspiring and lifeless flow in the white section. On the other hand, you have rewritten content in grey. Instead of using the overflow of the word “best,” the tool employs alternative words to it.

This improves the content’s originality by a mile. Granted, the original content was a bit too generic, but the improvement on the right-hand side is still remarkable. This proves that one of the challenges of copywriting can be easily avoided with this tool.

2. Seamless Flow of Your Content 

One of the more significant challenges of copywriting is the lack of flow. A flowing website, blog, or email sells a lot better than a copy filled with content without any tide. That’s why writers go above and beyond to rewrite content until it flows better. 

However, that takes time, and writers often don’t have that luxury. So, does Essay Rewriter help with this?

Let’s try to write a sentence without any flow into the tool and see how it fixes it:

free essay Rewriting Tool

Although using the right words, the original sentence lacked a certain flow. It didn’t sound as catchy or convincing. On the other hand, you have rewritten content by the tool, and you can notice how better it flows.

One of the reasons behind this is a reduction of unnecessary wording and the usage of better punctuation. The tool ensures your content is short and crisp—which is the key to content’s better flow. 

3. Error-Free Rewriting 

Missing punctuations misspelled words, or grammatical errors are yet another thing that plagues a writer. You can use Grammarly, granted, but you will have to spend a few dollars to do that. Instead, let’s try using a free program and see if it ensures error-free writing. 

So, we’ll be using misspelled words and missing punctuation to see how it helps:

Plagiarism Remover

You can see one of the worst sentences a writer can muster on the left-hand side. It has no context; it doesn’t use punctuations, breaks, and misspells a word. That’s when the Essay Rewriter is showing its true prowess.

You can see how it corrects the misspelled words, breaks the sentence for a better flow, and uses correct punctuation. In other words, using this program ensured error-free writing—as you can see. 

4. Rephrase To Convey Ideas Better

Rephrasing is a life-saver, and every writer needs it every now and then. While Essay Rewriter’s primary purpose is to paraphrase, it does help with conveying ideas better. Even though the tool itself doesn’t sway much from original content, it does make it sound better.

One of the biggest challenges for copywriters is to formulate captivating headlines. We kept that in mind and wrote a generic headline. This is how the program responded:

article rewriter

While there’s virtually nothing wrong with the original headline, it does sound very generic, and somehow the question disrupts the flow. Essay Rewriter grasps the idea of conveying ideas properly, and it does so by rewriting them in a simple way. 

5. Steer Clear of Plagiarism

The final and perhaps the most important aspect of Essay Rewriter is the way it helps with plagiarism. So far, we’ve seen how it changes punctuations, uses better words, reduces redundancy, and flows the content better.

So, suppose there’s any accidental plagiarism in it. In that case, Essay Rewriter ensures that your content holds its integrity by rewording it where necessary. More importantly, it doesn’t compromise the original content tone or idea. Let’s see how:

free article rewriter

You can see how it keeps the original idea but delivers it in a slightly tweaked manner. So, if the content on the right side had plagiarism, now it has become an entirely new idea—conveyed through original words and a unique flow. 


The Essay Rewriter is a remarkable addition to any copywriter’s tool shed today. It can help your copy in five fundamental ways—as mentioned above. Most importantly, it’s all free, so you won’t have to break the bank to use it. 

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