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Our article rewriter analyzes any word and rewrites it with a completely new word. Not only simple words, but also words that seem difficult to write are rewritten. With Essay Rewriter, you get a completely different version of the text that you can either reuse immediately or change it further if needed.


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Our online tool saves time by removing plagiarism, breaking down the language of the original text, and replacing words with synonyms. This website can help you find an alternative way to write the same sentence after paraphrasing your text.

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Essayrewriter.io offers the best solution to rewrite articles and pass assignments with good grades. It’s the only NLP-based online tool that guarantees 100% duplicate-free content without affecting the readability of the text.

Free Essay Rewriting Tool

It removes plagiarism from essays and articles. It helps to improve grading score by removing duplicate content from your assignments.

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Our article rewriter is your personal writing assistant to make your writing tasks error-free.

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Our Goals


Paragraph rewriter comes with built-in features so you can easily reword your essay without having to know the best paraphrase rewriting tool. The rewording tool will surely improve the quality of the written text and is also an easy way to improve the reader experience.

You can reword essays using our free reword generator; it’s perfect for your purposes and you can start improving your work. Simply put, you’ll have a better essay with the right context, words, and structures. Other students will be able to see that you’ve improved the quality of your work!

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Committed to providing you with a wide range of rewriting options.

Word Changer

Chnages words and adds new meanings to create new version of the old content.

Article Rewriter

Rewrite articles and gives new tone to the poorly written content.

Sentence Rephraser

Rephrase sentences to make sure each sentence is rewritten in a unique way.

Plagiarism Fixer

Fixes plagiarism by adding new synonyms and altering sentence structure.

Plagiarism Remover

Removes plagiarism from essays and improves the overall score.

Essay Rewriter

Rewrite essays and provides plagiarism free assignments in a short time.

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We have 05 years experience in developing rewriting tools for the students and writers.

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You can contact our team and ask for the personal assistance in case you don’t know how to use essay rewriter.

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We are available 24/7 online. Our customer support department will help you to acheive your goal.