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  1. How Do I Improve the Clarity of My Essay?

    Clarity in writing starts at the sentence level. Readers make mini-movies in their minds and they need to know who is speaking and doing what in each sentence. When sentences are too confusing, they may lose interest and move on to the next paragraph. Inconsistency can have a dramatic impact on the clarity of the whole piece. For example, if you use the word “no” when describing an action, readers will not understand what’s being said in your paragraph.

    Avoid obscure language
    Academic writing requires writers to use clear, grammatically correct language. Some people think that using big words will make them sound smarter, but they can actually reduce clarity by overcompensating. A thesaurus can help you choose the right words to use. In addition, use thesaurus definitions to avoid confusing your audience. Using obscure words can be dangerous, so avoid them whenever you can. Using a thesaurus to help you choose the right words will make your writing clearer.

    Use words whose meaning you understand
    To make your essays clearer, try using words whose meaning you know and understand. A good vocabulary helps you choose the right words for every job. It will help you avoid using vague words, which can muddy the meaning of your work. You can keep a dictionary near your desk or study the chart below to help you choose the right words. This will improve the clarity of your essay and impress your readers.

    Format your text correctly
    While editing your text, keep these basic principles in mind. Most of us make mistakes and misuse too many words. A few fewer words will serve your purpose much better. By eliminating unnecessary words, you will improve the clarity of your essay for everyone. For example, if you have a thesis statement, you should avoid using the word “and.” This way, you will avoid confusing your reader and making them lose interest.

    Use synonyms
    To improve the clarity of your essay, learn how to use synonyms in your writing. Using synonyms in your writing will help you express your ideas in a clear and concise manner. The more precise you can be with your words, the more interesting your essay will be to read. As academic writing is meant to introduce new ideas, it is necessary to use advanced vocabulary that fits the topic. A simple web search using the Corpus Contemporary American English (CCAE) will help you decide what words fit your text.

    Avoid monstrosities
    Monstrosities are creatures that are not natural and rarely benign. While some are the result of magical experimentation, some are simply the product of terrible curses. These monsters defy categorization and are therefore a catch-all category. For these reasons, it is essential to use words that will be understandable to a wide audience. Listed below are some ways to avoid monstrosities in your essay.

    Use active voice
    Writing in the active voice sounds more credible and direct. People are more willing to buy from a credible seller. Using the passive voice sounds less credible and dull, and may even lead to more rejection. In contrast, using the active voice helps make your essay clear and credible. It gives it a more direct tone and commands the reader’s respect. This technique is best for essays about important topics or events.

  2. My Essay is Due Tomorrow – What Should I Focus on?

    Obviously, your essay will require research, so spend the necessary time doing your research. While you don’t want to drown in facts and figures, a little research goes a long way! You want to show that you carefully considered your topic and sifted through sources to find the best information you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it – most professors will be more than happy to help you.

    First, choose a familiar and quiet place. Make sure you have plenty of supplies handy. Ensure you have a pen, and paper, as well as plenty of water and a notebook. Bring snacks or food to eat. Dark chocolate is great for concentration. Those with short attention spans will probably benefit from a snack. Make sure you are prepared for the test day.

    Lastly, don’t email your professor with your essay questions. Emailing your professor shows your lack of preparation and shows a poor impression. Also, professors may not check their email outside of business hours. So, it’s better to avoid sending email to your professor and wait until their office hours. If possible, write your essay about a topic other than the assignment itself. By doing so, you can get a preliminary assessment of the assignment, without the pressure of writing an actual draft.

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